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John Mayer Quotes
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John Mayer Quotes

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“Go broke for what you love; it’s only money, only stuff.”


This is a community to share quotes, lyrics and articles. Please feel free to joina nd post and discuss and enjoy. While many, many people admire John Mayer for his amazing music, and his very, very good looks, his genius and brilliance is often overlooked. This is a community to celebrate it.

- This community is for quotes, lyrics and other things like that. Pictures are welcome, as are icons and other things like that, but as this is primarly a quotes community, a little quote or lyrics would be great added on there.
- Be nice. We're all mature people, here. Common-Sense rules apply.
- No off-topic promotion is allowed. Communities, pages, and other things related to John Mayer and his music are very welcome.

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